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Does a corporation need to file a fictitious business name? In what situation would it be good for a small business corporation to use a fictitious business name? These are a few of the questions that are commonly asked by newly incorporated companies in Orange County. Andy Gale of Incorporation Attorney provides advice on this topic through the Quick Question Service. This offer is open to all the small businesses that our law firm has helped incorporate. 

Does a Corporation Need to File a Fictitious Business Name?

Incorporation Attorney Law Firm Offers Advice for Small Business Corporations in Orange County through the Quick Question Service

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At Incorporation Attorney, we have helped a vast number of small businesses in Orange County form a corporation, but what happens after an enterprise has incorporated? Most entrepreneurs will begin to get correspondence from the federal government, from the internal revenue service, from the state of California, etc. When this happens, most corporation owners no longer know what to do next.

Some businesses try to find answers to their questions through online services. The problem with resources on the Internet is that there is no one to actually talk to. Entrepreneurs benefit more from a legal counselor that they can converse with in person. In many cases, the persons providing information on the web are not licensed to give legal advice on various subjects. These are the reasons why even after our law firm has helped our clients form a corporation, we do not leave them behind. We continue our relationship with them, and we make sure that our business attorneys are available for them.

We believe that a prudent business lawyer’s responsibilities do not end after a company has incorporated. This is why we created the Quick Question Service. Questions that business owners might have can be addressed through this service. Our competent corporate lawyers are available for our clients over the course of the year after their businesses have incorporated.

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Our Quick Question Service makes our business lawyers available for our clients after we have helped them incorporate.

Advice from Corporate Lawyer on Filing for a Fictitious Business Name in California

Our business lawyers here at Incorporation Attorney law firm have many years of experience in helping and giving advice to companies on how to incorporate. One of the most common questions is about filing for a fictitious business name.

Real Case Scenario of a Client that Needed to File for a Fictitious Business Name in Orange County

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We recently received a call from one of our clients that we helped incorporate. The newly formed corporation was doing well with business. The client called us because he wanted to develop a second business and have it appear to the general public as though it was an enterprise completely separate from his corporation. The client asked us whether he should setup a second corporation to run the new business.

Andy Gale’s law firm gave this client advice on what he should do to proceed with his plan. When starting a second business that will appear separate from the corporation, the business owner only needs to file for a fictitious business name.

How to File for a Fictitious Name for Your Company?

The process of filing for a fictitious name for your business is very straightforward. The first step is to apply for the name that you want. You simply need to go down to the county where your company is operating. Then, you need to file an application with the county recorder. The County recorder will understand that you plan to start a business that is different than your original corporate name, but would be operated under the same corporate umbrella. For a certain fee, you will be allowed to file the application. You will be permitted to use the fictitious business name, as long as no other business is using that name.

After the process of filing an application for a fictitious business name is complete, the next step is publication. You need to publish the application or the new name in a newspaper of general circulation over the course of a number of weeks. Once this is finished, you may start using the business name.

If, for example, you have a corporation that is called ABC Incorporated, you can file for an application to start a second business with Happy Balloon Company as its fictitious business name. You can hold yourself out to the public under the names of both of these businesses.

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Opening a Separate Bank Account for Your Second Business

If you are actually generating money in your second business, it is advisable that you open a new banking account using the fictitious name paperwork along with your other corporate documents. It is easier to run two companies when you can organize their individual finances in separate bank accounts.

Over time, if your second business becomes successful, you can decide to split the two companies. This way, you can own the original corporation, and then you can incorporate the second business using its fictitious business name.

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