You have an innovative idea, a valuable product, and a plan—now you just need to set up your small business.

If you hire a big business lawyer, will they understand the unique options and conflicts you have as a small business? Would they even give you the time to answer your questions during and after the formation process? If you turn to the web for help, how do you know you are getting the best and most complete answer? Only a LAWYER trained in the law and your situation could give you that kind of legal consultation. Finding someone willing to invest that much of their time and knowledge can be near impossible.

Full Services for Small Businesses—Set up, Document Maintenance, and Consultation Designed for You

Whether you are new to forming a business entity, or want legal advice and help setting up the documents, you deserve to work with someone who WANTS to invest their time in you. We designed our full-service business set-up with people like you in mind. Our service includes helping you form and determine the best entity, working on the necessary documentation during the formation, legal record maintenance after the formation, and being available for legal consultation at any time before, during or after the process.

To look more in-depth into what is included in our ‘full service’, check out the link for the business entity you are interested in setting up:

Forming a Corporation- Full Services

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formation- Full Services

Forming a Sole Proprietorship Business- Full Services- Coming Soon!

Get your business idea set-up the right way! Draft protection into your small business by setting it up with someone who knows what’s best for your company, who knows the law, and who will give their time to you. Give us a call us at +1(714) 634-4838 if you have any questions, or you can fill out a form here.