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California Codes

It is critical to keep up with the latest California Codes that apply to small business corporations.

As business lawyers in Orange County, California, we want to help. To that end, we are creating a selection of simplified California Code updates that are intended to make it easy for small business corporation clients and those that need a business lawyer Orange County and to understand and keep current with the latest California laws that apply to them.


California Corporations Code

The California Corporations Code is probably the most frequently referenced of all the California laws when it comes to understanding the state statute that apply to California small business corporations.

California Corporations Code Section 1502 - Learn MoreCalifornia Corporations Code Section 1502

California Statement of Information. California corporations code section 1502 describes the statutory requirements that apply to small business corporations for updating and keeping current the information about the officers and directors of the corporation with the California Secretary of State. This section applies to S corporations and C corporations. To better understand…

California Corporations Code Section 1505

Corporate Agent for Service of Process. California law requires corporations to list an agent for service of process in their articles of incorporation. Corporations may choose any adult residing in California, but some prefer to name another corporation as their agent. In California, only businesses designated as active 1505 corporations may act in this capacity. Companies must submit a California Corporations Code Section 1505 Certificate to be authorized as a 1505 corporation. Learn more.


California Commercial Code


When is comes to business transaction between businesses, the California Commercial Code is probably the most frequently referenced of all the California laws.

California Commercial Code Section 6102

Definitions that relate to the Bulk Sales Law.  California Commercial Code Section 6102 defines the legal terms for all of the definitions that apply to the laws that relate to the area of bulk sales in the state of California.  Perhaps a better way to view it is that this section of the Commercial code provides an overview of some of the terms that a business owner  may come across while reading the laws to making a Bulk Sales.

California Commercial Code Section 6104

Duties of buyer in bulk sale. California Commercial Code Section 6104 describes the duties of a buyer in a bulk sale.

California Commercial Code Section 6105

Notice. California Commercial Code Section 1605 describes the notice requirements placed upon a buyer to satisfy the requirements of the California Bulk Sales Law. The notice must contain certain specific information regarding the seller, location of goods, description of the assets and when the sale will take place.

California Commercial Code Section 6106.2

Duty Of The Buyer To Pay Those Debts Of The Seller. California Commercial Code Section 1606.2 describes the duty of the buyer to pay the debts of the seller when the sale is for two million dollars ($2,000,000) or less to satisfy the requirements of the California Bulk Sales Law.

California Commercial Code Section 6107

Buyer’s Failure To Comply.  California Commercial Code Section 6107 describes the effect of buyers,  who is buying the assets of another business, failure to comply with requirements of the California Bulk Sales Law and the Sellers Burden of establishing validity and amount of claim.

What if I need help understanding California Codes?

Understanding the California laws and statutes that apply to your small business is extremely important to your success as a business. Failure to follow the laws and codes, can result in a small business being fined and ultimately run out of business.

Here is a simple tip: if you don’t know what the laws are that apply to your business, seek the proper legal advice. If you are not sure how the laws may apply to your small business, please call the Business Lawyers in Orange County – The Law Offices of Gale and Vallance, APC – at 714-634-4838.