California Corporations Code – Corporate Agent for Service of Process

California law requires corporations to list an agent for service of process in their articles of incorporation. Corporations may choose any adult residing in California, but some prefer to name another corporation as their agent. In California, only businesses designated as active 1505 corporations may act in this capacity. Companies must submit a California Corporations Code Section 1505 Certificate to be authorized as a 1505 corporation.

Section_1505_California_Corporations_CodeCalifornia Corporations Code Section 1505

California Corporations Code 1505. (a) Any domestic or foreign corporation, before it may be designated as the agent for the purpose of service of process of any entity pursuant to any law which refers to this section, shall file a certificate executed in the name of the corporation by an officer thereof stating all of the following:

(1) The complete street address of its office or offices in this state, wherein any entity designating it as such agent may be served with process.

(2) The name of each person employed by it at each such office to whom it authorizes the delivery of a copy of any such process.

(3) Its consent that delivery thereof to any such person at the office where the person is employed shall constitute delivery of any such copy to it, as such agent.

(b) Any corporation which has filed the certificate provided for in subdivision (a) may file any number of supplemental certificates containing all the statements provided for in subdivision (a), which, upon the filing thereof, shall supersede the statements contained in the original or in any supplemental certificate previously filed.

(c) No domestic or foreign corporation may file a certificate pursuant to this section unless it is currently authorized to engage in business in this state and is in good standing on the records of the Secretary of State.

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