Companies aren't one-size-fits all, and neither are their HR needs. That's why we offer a variety of HR plans - for every business size and budget.

As a California small business, you want to consolidate cost without losing protection and legal compliance. Managing your finances, employees, and business practices are just a few areas that require an understanding of California’s laws. Although you may have had a lawyer’s help to cover all the external requirements (IRS, State Government, City Government), your weakest link could be right in your company: your human resources department. Hiring a full-time HR staff is a costly expense, but without someone trained in HR legalities you could end up in court.

Partnering with someone who understands HR legalities but doesn’t require a full-time HR salary will save you money while protecting your business. Because we have worked with small businesses for so long, we know the questions you have and want to educate you on best practices from our experiences. We don’t want you to need us: we would rather help you prevent a lawsuit!

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