Orange County Accountant Avoids the Tsunami by Fixing Incorporation Mistakes

Starting out a small business people are always looking for where costs can be cut, and often that results in pressure on CPAs and accountants to complete corporate records instead of hiring a lawyer. Andy Gale, from Gale & Vallance, warns that this can lead to problems later—Tsunami-sized problems.

An Orange County CPA saw Andy’s warning and contacted him to see what he could do to fix and protect himself and his clients before the Tsunami hit. Thanks to our Corporate Record Review Program, we helped him save a small fortune by finding the errors in his corporate records and then fixed the problems before they devastated his client’s businesses during an audit or lawsuit.

Orange County Small Business Corporate Documents: Get an Incorporation Lawyer to Fix Your Accountant’s Formation Mistakes So You Don’t Block Investors

A client wants to bring in an investor, who wants to see the corporate documents first. The Problem—the CPA didn’t set up these records and now the client has nothing to provide: the potential investor is at risk of being blocked. What can the client do?

This real-life situation was brought to us by one of our clients, and so we put together this video so you can learn more about what he could do and why we warn against using your CPA or accountant to form your business instead of a lawyer.

It’s Just Nuts! Why California Accountants Should NEVER Provide Incorporation Services For Clients

Many CPAs know that forming a small business entity can benefit a company during tax season. But many don’t realize that actually writing those legal documents is considered practicing law. As accountants, your skill is in the knowledge and mastery of financial accounts—not on law! This could leave you vulnerable to lawsuits that you have no defense against.

Andy discusses a dire situation a client got into because his CPA drafted the legal documents—and just what this client was going to do with his CPA. There are major risks and pitfalls to providing incorporation services as a CPA. We are there to help CPAs with legal advice and documents, not take over on the CPA’s expertise.

Small Business Formation- Why You DON’T Want to Risk It By Using a Paralegal—Get a Lawyer

Common question from new clients: lawyers have a lot of experience but cost a lot of money! Is there a less-expensive alternative? Many businesses will try to use a paralegal as an alternative. The problem: clients don’t know law, and so they can’t tell if the paralegal knows what they are doing or if they are doing it right.

Andy explains the limitations paralegals have, the high risk problems with using a paralegal, and provides an example of a client who got smart to the mistakes from the paralegal they hired.

Small Business HR on Demand Service – Client Experience

A conversation with a small business owner about their experience using Incorporation Attorney’s HR on Demand Service

Conversation with a small business owner – Their experience using Incorporation Attorney’s HR on Demand Service