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Business Networking Orange County BNI Client Testimonial Jordan BennettHere is a telling testimonial from a local Orange County realtor Jordan Bennett who is a long standing client of Incorporation Attorneys.

Jordan originally met Andrew Gale at a local BNI (business networking International) group in Orange, California.  This interview demonstrates the value of small business owners’ joining local networking groups.  As described in this video, subsequent relationships can become strategic to forming a stable and successful business.

Forming a strong relationship with an attorney who understands your business should be considered a “must have” for any serious entrepreneur.

Business Networking Orange County BNI Client Testimonial

Business Networking Orange County BNI Client Testimonial – A Processed Video Transcription

Andy:  “You’ve been one of my clients now for three or four years I would think.  Is that right?  How did you and I meet?

Jordan:  “You and I met at a BNI meeting, which is a networking meeting, Orange County Business Networking International, and gradually build a relationship through meeting each other for lunch every year, every week, and then also you and I meeting outside of the chapter and getting to know each other on a more personal level.”

Andy:  “How did I help you with your business?”

Jordan:  “Well, you brought to my attention the fact that now that I was doing business it would make a lot of sense to consider forming a corporation both for tax purposes, for liability purposes, and just the planning.  You definitely provided the wisdom to show me the direction that I needed to go because I’m not an attorney.  So, how would I have known that if somebody hadn’t shown me the way.”

Forming a Corporation

Forming a Corporation

Andy:  “How did our relationship work once we’ve got started?”

Jordan:  “Very well.  You walked me through the process.  Even through the process of a questionnaire, getting as much information upfront as possible and making sure that everything was tailored to my business and what would make the most sense for me and the best thing is that you’ve been just available.

A lot of times I feel like, you know you go to those trade shows and they get all the promotional items and all the samples on the table?  Well, I feel like my relationship with you is like I’m going to that table and stealing all the goodies because you’re constantly available answering questions I have.

You have been a fantastic resource in terms of guiding me through any intricacies in terms of the way my business is changing and what needs to be done.  So that has been a huge resource and asset to my business.”

Andy:  “Is there anything you think would be important to know about me that there is this one thing that I do the best or in your opinion what would that be?

Andy Gale of Gale & Vallace Smal Business Attorneys

Andy Gale – Smal Business Attorney

Jordan:  “I think many people make a lot of jokes about small business attorneys and give attorneys a hard time because they tend to be kind of stick in the mud and real formal.  The best thing about you is that you are just really down to earth, just very honest, very candid, and very available.

I think you have a personal relationship with a lot of your clients where I think a lot of small business attorneys don’t have that.  They’re much more removed, almost kind of aloof.  You know, just do the work and move on to the next client.

What I appreciate about you is that, like I said, you’re available.  You take my calls and you kind of, as my business grows, you’ve grown with me and been able to take me to the next level and show me what needs to be done each step of the way.

That’s just been, like I said, a huge asset to me.  I mean, you’re really one of the people that are on my team.  You know, I have my banker, my attorney, and my CPA.  Without you, I wouldn’t know what to do with the legal aspects of my business and that’s obviously critical when it comes to owning a business.  You want to make sure that things are done properly.”

Andy:  “Well, Jordan, I couldn’t thank you enough for those nice comments.  I really appreciate it and I really look forward to a lot of good years working together.”

Jordan:  “Thank you very much, Andy.”

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Jordan Bennett - Real Estate Broker

Jordan Bennett – Real Estate Broker

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