You sit down at your desk preparing yourself to tackle the impossible: you are finally going to get your legal documents and record keeping in order. You have piles of paper on your desk, numerous files on your computer, and begin to realize that you honestly aren’t sure what exactly to do. You don’t speak legal talk—you don’t know the intricacies of law—you don’t have time to learn all that. Nor do you have the money in your small business to afford a big business lawyer. Besides, you know how you want to set-up your business.

So maybe you try LegalZoom, or ask your accountant to complete the legal documents. The price (free to a couple hundred dollars) is just in your range. Everything seems fine for a while until something happens—litigation that pierces your corporate veil, a blocked investor, or other crippling circumstances. And now you need to deal with what little you paid for: your business’ documents aren’t up to legal standard and too flimsy to do you any good.

Keeping Your Records Up-to-Date and in Accordance with the Law

Fortunately, there is a way you can avoid all these scenarios and solve your record-keeping problem from the start—work with a specialist in the law, small businesses, and record keeping.

Our Document and Record Keeping ONLY services are for you if you already know exactly what type of business entity you want, and you do not need or want any legal consultation or expert guidance. For our record keeping prices and service breakdown, check out the link corresponding to your business entity:

Corporation Documents ONLY Service

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Documents ONLY Service

Sole Proprietorship Documents ONLY Service- Coming Soon!

Incorporation Attorney works specifically to protect small businesses before legal problems arise, which helps them grow into bigger and stronger businesses. Get started today!