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California Small Business Attorney Services

California Small Business Attorney ServicesEvery small business owner must start somewhere. Many folks, who are new to the world of business, do not even understand the five basic steps to opening a business, or in legal terms a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is just a fancy term for a business that is run by an individual as an individual.

We have a program in place that enables us to easily walk entrepreneurs through the process of setting up their small business quickly and simply.

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Business Entity Options & Transitions

Business Entity Options & TransitionsMost business owners and entrepreneurs are interested in growing and evolving their companies whilst maintaining as much legal protection as possible. We provide a special set of advisory services for business owners who want to re-asses and transition their business entity to meet a new set of challenges.

These entity transition services are designed to assist both new and established business owners in the process of selecting the best type of ‘entity’ that will ultimately fit the needs of their particular business type and goals.

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Business Formation – Forming a Real Business

Business Formation – Forming a Real BusinessOnce the business entity type has been selected, the next step is to actually get the new business created. This business entity may be a Corporation, an LLC, a partnership or any other of a myriad options. Whatever the business entity type there will be an important set of steps that will need to be executed in the right way to set the company up with a solid foundation.

Our Business Formation services are a streamlined set of services designed to assist new business owners to quickly get their business set up in the right way.

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Transactions & Contracts – Small & Medium Business Legal Services

Transactions & Contracts – Small & Medium Business Legal ServicesSmall and even medium size businesses can face a deluge of forms, contracts and agreements, sometimes before they have even started to transact business. Contracts need to be written for agreements with new customers and as a natural part of setting-up their business. Getting those contracts and agreements negotiated and correctly worded to protect their best interests from the start is no easy task unless you find the right legal services company to create them for you.

Here at Incorporation Attorneys, we specialize in making sure that whichever contract or agreement we draft for you will be as water tight as possible and in your best interests.

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Corporate Formalities, Maintenance & Records – Small Business Legal Services

Corporate Formalities, Maintenance & RecordsEntrepreneurs are usually a creative, driven group and quick to start a small business.  Orange County specifically, and California generally, seems to be a hot bed for this type of individual and a place they seem to flourish and hopefully do well.

What they are not though, are business legal experts. Their very creativity oftentimes causes them to be less diligent over critical business processes than they ought to be.  Preferring to focus on the creative side of their business, corporate formalities can be left un-managed creating a potential hole in the  corporate veil of their business.

Incorporation Attorney’s small business practice has established a discrete program to close the loopholes in the corporate veil which we simply call The Corporate Records Program.

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California Succession Planning Services for Small & Medium Size Businesses

California Succession Planning Services for Small & Medium Size BusinessesMany of our clients are very successful in operating their businesses and we have had the extreme good fortune of assisting those business owners plan for the future of their business. Many owners of a small business get to the point in their business life where they want to transfer ownership of their company from them to their family members or key employees.

We assist those business owners in the preparation of all the necessary documents to make this happen at the right time and place with a minimum of cost and expense. The types of documents that regularly are prepared include family revocable trusts, wills, durable powers of attorney and advanced health care directives.

Our clients want to make sure that the family business goes to the family and not to the government. We put together plans for our clients to make certain that this happens.

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