Dogma Pet Portrates Newport Beach Orange County CADogma Pet Portrates - Business Attorneys Costa Mesa California Client - SkinDogma Pet Portraits & Emotion Portrait Studios are two fun businesses owned by David and Sylvaine Capron.  Although their Costa Mesa based services businesses are quite unique, they are not atypical in their need for legal services.  When we first met in our Orange County office, they were interested in building a business that allowed them to live a lifestyle that they planned for their family.

Not educated in how to design a business, they originally met with her certified public accountant for guidance on how to set up a business.  One of the most common sources of referrals for Incorporation Attorney’s is often local certified public accountants, tax preparers, and bookkeepers in California.

These are the professionals that handle the financial side of the business and frequently communicate with the clients in the early stages of a new business. However, most small business start-ups need assistance with the legal aspect of their business as well.

eMotion Portrate Studios Costa Mesa Orange County CaliforniaInitially the Capron’s needed guidance in the options in setting up the legal side of their business. Once we walked them through all of the options for choices of business entity (such as a general partnership, limited liability company and small business corporation), they made a decision and we worked with them from then on as strategic partners, setting up their businesses so they could operate the way that they had planned.

eMotion Portrate Studios - Business Lawyer Orange County California Client - Beautiful Cute GirlIdeally Accountants, Tax preparers, Bookkeepers, and Attorneys Work Together as a Team

We work closely with their certified public accountant and other business professionals to build a solid foundation upon which they could operate their business.

Small Business Attorney Orange County Client eMotion Portrate Studios - GrandpaIncorporation Attorney’s ongoing relationship with the Capron’s is also very consistent with the norm. One of the challenges small businesses like this face is that they do not typically need the assistance of a full-time business attorney.  To do so would get very expensive and is not really necessary.

However, legal problems arise on an irregular basis with a typical small business. Because we were the lawyers that incorporated their businesses and understood what their goals and dreams were, it is much easier for our office to provide the correct and tailored legal guidance when legal challenges arrive. So, whenever David or Sylvaine have a question, we provide a service that allows them to get quick, efficient answers to those quick questions. If the question involves more in depth work, we can provide them the service of reviewing the more complex problems as well.

Legal Services Attorneys, with a Strategic Relationship, Understand Businesses Unique Risks

For example, in their business, it is important to understand how photographic images may be legally used in a retail and commercial environment. Understanding the laws relating to the use of photographic images is incredibly important to the business that derives all of its income from its photography. Formulating a strategy that takes into account the laws related to a business, as well as the pure business aspects, allows them to avoid problems before they arise.

Small Business Orange County Attorney Client Feature Emotion Portrait Studios Costa Mesa, California
All successful small business owners have a team of advisors that they can go to in order to answer questions outside their area of expertise. Small Business Attorney Orange County Get Help TodayA lawyer knowledgeable in the areas of small business and small business corporations is a critical part of that team.

Get expert California legal services to help protect and help to enable your business to grow.  Call Orange County based Incorporation Attorneys today (714) 634-4838. By Andrew Gale, follow him on Google+ and Avvo.

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