Before a company has even opened its doors, an entrepreneur faces the need to draft, review and sign contracts related to their new business.  This is just as true for small businesses as it is for medium sized companies.

Incorporation Attorneys specialize in all of the different kinds of contracts that a typical entrepreneur, who wants to start a small business, is likely to face.  Our services include creating draft contracts, reviewing contracts and the negotiation of contracts on behalf of small business owners.

Litigation is often the result of ambiguity in an agreement. Our goal is to ensure that all your contracts are crystal clear.  Starting with solid, well-crafted, legally enforceable contracts is ultimately the smartest way to aid success and keep business costs down.

Does Your Agreement Say What You Believe It Says? – Business Contract Services

Understanding your business is our first step.  Once we have a good appreciation of the nuances of your particular business, we can work with you to make sure that your contract really says what you want it to say.

When a contract is with a third party it is easy for a small business owner, inexperienced in dealing with larger companies, to end up with terms that do not serve them well. At Incorporation Attorneys, we take an active part in negotiating to get the right terms in your contracts in the first place.

We have reviewed many clients’ original contracts and told them what it actually says and commits them to do. A not too uncommon response is, “but that’s not what I thought it said!”  Disconnects like this, are not uncommon. Do not let this be you.  Work with professional California business attorneys and ensure your contracts are consistent with your goals.

There are many different business contracts that both small and mediums sized businesses have to negotiate as they start, grow and mature.  These can include:

  • Core Business Operating Agreements
  • Purchase, Return and Sales Contracts
  • Contracts for Distribution Rights
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Employment Contracts

Litigation is rarely fun for most business owners.  If your contracts are set up correctly to start with, and litigation does occur, the process of protecting your interests is much easier. Not to mention less expensive.

For example, one factor that should be included in most contracts is a ‘jurisdiction clause’.  If litigation then does becomes necessary, your business will be litigating in a local court of your choosing. This simple addition could make a big difference to the overall costs in the event of litigation.

Another example would be the inclusion of an ‘attorney’s fee provision’, this means you may recoup your attorney’s fees from the other side if you are successful in court.

Contracts Can Be Very Easy to Get Into and Very Difficult to Get Out Of

When business clients sign contracts, how can they possibly know whether or not the terms have been negotiated in their best interest, or at worst, at least fair to them?

Think about it this way, a typical contract will have 25 different provisions each of which contain their own obligations and/or responsibilities. It is not uncommon for each provision to have 5 to 10 alternatives which a skilled attorney, familiar with drafting contracts, will utilize for the client’s best interest.

If we take the five basic alternatives and multiply that number by the 25 provisions, this means there could be 125 different agreements – all using basically the same language.

One agreement would be most favorable to the business owner and one agreement could be the opposite. How is a business owner to know, which contract is best for them?

The only way that a business owner can truly feel comfortable knowing which is and which is not, is to hire the services of a California Business Attorney.

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